Granada on Lake Managua

The city of Granada set directly on the banks of the enormous Lake Managua is actually named after the city in Spain – Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba named it after his Spanish hometown when he first arrived in 1524. Much of the city’s buildings, however, date to the nineteenth century when the American William Walker gained control. He was promptly overthrown, with much of the original city being destroyed in the process.

View from the Cathedral tower in Granada

Today the town is a pleasant place to take a breather. There are plenty of churches to see – I climbed up the cathedral tower for a good view of the city and the neighbouring volcano. Parque Central is also a pleasant place to sit, although I would consider it more a square than a park, but it is becoming a theme that anywhere I go to sit, the Nicaraguans come up and talk to me. In this case it was Mario, Jose and Frank who were three very friendly old men drinking the liquer cacique at about two in the afternoon. I had a good chat with them, practised my Spanish, but promptly left when one of them started getting creepy and going on about how beautiful I was.

One of the many churches of the city

I stayed at the hostel De Boca de Boca which was very relaxed with plenty of hammocks, bean bags and comfy seats to sit on. Breakfast was included – we were provided with pancake mix and had to set about cooking using frying  pans. Very fun!

Parque Central in Granada

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