Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

The name Ometepe derives from the Aztec language of Nahauatl’s words for two mountains. This it has – two volcanoes in fact, and this is probably what makes the island so striking.

Two volcano peaks of Ometepe as viewed from the ferry

In order to get to Ometepe you need to take a 50 cordoba ($1.7) ferry from San Jose which is accessible by a taxi from the nearby Rivas. The ferry is about an hour and dropped me off in Moyogalpa near the largest of the two volcanoes; Concepcion. Moyogalpa is probably the largest town on the island, but even this is small without much going on – my visit here was a lot more subdued compared to San Juan del Sur. That said, I did enjoy the restaurant Picante right near the port and next to the hostel I was staying at. I went here with an American pilot I met at the hostel who was also travelling around alone, and both our meals and drinks – mine was a cheese quesadilla – cost under $20. The place is also owned by a very nice Swahili man who it was good to converse with,

I would recommend hiring a motorcycle if you can ride one – which I can’t. But with quiet and relatively alright roads, this is probably the best way to travel the island.

I took a bus to El Ojo de Agua, an inland cold Spring which was very refreshing and even had a Tarzan swing which was very fun.

Ojo de Agua, a pleasant spring on the Isla de Ometepe

Tours to hike the volcanoes – and you need a tour guide – costs around $20, but be warned, it is hard!

Sign for the volcano

All in all, I am a little underwhelmed with Ometepe. If it is trekking you want, do stopover, but otherwise I am not so sure I would return.





















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