Tamarindo, Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

My journey down the mountain was a bit laborious, but I guess that’s what I get from trying to use the public bus system in another country. A lot of the towns in Nicoya Peninsula are very similar – set on a grid much like San Jose. The temperature difference is very apparent having been up the mountain for so long, as was the oxygen levels – you feel like you can do anything after coming down from altitude!

Anyway, I finally made it to the Pacific Coast. I have never actually seen the Pacific Ocean before, and yes, it did look much like any other ocean, but it was the symbolism that mattered to me.

Beautiful Pacific beach at Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo is very much a beach town which seems to thrive on the surfing industry. Every second shop is one renting boards and there are plenty of very cool looking people riding the waves at any time of the day. I have stuck souly to swimming so far – I had a debilitating shark phobia which meant I used to have little girl tantrums whenever my brother swam away from me in deep water, and I am still getting over this, but maybe at my next stop up the coast I might give it a try. Come to think of it, I would really love to be a surfer girl!

Classic VW Campervan – a must for this surfer beach

I’m staying at Hostel Selina, which I would recommend as it is cheap with very lovely staff and a beautiful little pool and bar with fairy lights. There are plenty of seats made in broken down cars as well, and swings! A lot of the bars are right on the beach here and offer 2 x 1 Happy Hour deals for considerably longer than an hour. I haven’t had the chance to sample one yet – a side effect of travelling on one’s lonesome – but maybe tonight I’ll push the boat out and get two just for me…

The pool and bar area at Hostel Selina, Tamrindo

One last thing to say is that yesterday I literally saw the most beautiful sunset. The picture does not do it justice; it was so beautiful. Veins of red on a background of orange which resembled capillaries going through eyelids. So beautiful…

A stunning sunset

So tomorrow it’s onward and upwards to Nicaragua. Wish me luck!


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E.Q. Lever is the pseudonym of a hopeful young writer living in London, England.

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