Day 4 – Snow and the City

Well, I was writing about the weather yesterday and I suppose I shall have to start with the same topic this morning. I kid you not, New York City was hit by a snow storm overnight. Where yesterday I was having a picnic in Central Park, this was the same view of Central Park today.

Central Park in the snow


So, wrapping up warm and feeling eternally grateful for lugging my hiking boots around, I took to the streets once again and ended up eating a cinnamon and raison bagel for breakfast huddled in the doorway of Tiffanys. Not quite like the movie, but the harsh wind one freezing snow flurries did add some atmosphere.

Breakfast at Tiffanys



I went to the Metropolitan Museum of art afterwards – what else are you supposed to do in the snow? I have been to this gallery on my last visit to New York, but it is well worth the visit with seminal works by impressionists such as Degas and Manet and also works by Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here and the wealth of art cultures that the museum has on offer means there is something for everyone.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Van Gogh’s Field of Cypresses
The American Wing

I have since had some onion rings and a cosmopolitan cocktail from an American diner in Times Square to round off my trip. Very enjoyable, love New York, but I am also looking forward to Costa Rica tomorrow and the chance for some sunny weather.

Onion Rings and cocktail




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